The Warning – VFX Short Film

First vfx short film – The Warning we did months ago (Sept 2015). Watch in HD! With no proper script me, Yong Fu and Pau start visualising the 5 minutes constraint story in school library. We used a month to gather the items needed, diy and a quick-3 days shoot and I’d like to thank Bryan Sim & Ewen Ho for helping out voluntarily in the casting and voice acting, Wesley for some insightful ideas on the physics and radio wave thingy. The post processing part is an insane amount of rotoscoping & matte paintings (we didn’t use green screens) which couldn’t be accomplished without KaiXiang, Jin, Pau & Yong Fu. With no good PC at the moment simulation and rendering is a pain! A big thanks to friends from deviantART who helped out with the renders. Big thanks to our lecturer Mr Firdaus Hashim as well for letting us to integrate this as our Vfx final assignment. Hopefully we can come up with something better the next time.

Nominated for Best production design & best sound design in BMWshorties 2015