Nando’s Art Initiative 2015

Year: 2014-2015 | Status: Series Completed | YongL

Nando’s Art Initiative

2014 – Finalist “One Last Breath”
2015 – Grand Prize “Irreversible”

My 2015 artwork & close-up details for the competition. The location of the artwork is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (Inspired by a real life demolition scenery I saw in Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur.) I spent like 3 weeks time on this piece of work from a sketch I drew last year, hope you guys like it thanks!

Title: Irreversible

Every action we make has consequences, and it is irreversible. Humans always take granted of what nature has given, what will be the consequences if this madness is not stopped? The greenhouse effect, the relentless rise of carbon dioxide, the haze, the melting of polar ice, the rising of sea level and etcetera, does EACH and EVERYONE of us as human really give a damn or put a conscious and CONTINUOUS effort into combating these issues? In the artwork, the expression of the irreversible consequences is presented by using two contrasting elements of the present – the reflection of the water and the future – fate of the city which we might lead ourselves to. The choice is in our hands, we steer ourselves in any direction we choose…