Dong Zhi – 冬至

Year: 2014-2015 | Status: Full Completion | YongL

This is a short film about Dong Zhi – A chinese festive, and it’s made for my university subject – Hubungan Etnik. This means a lot to me as this is the second short film I completed together with my friends.. on zero budget and it is my first proper live action shortfilm as well, I really really appreciate everyone’s contributions and efforts.. from pre-production to post-production, we cleared like 85% of the shots in just twelve hours time, the rest on the next day, the editing and post production part took us like three days (because I’m oso kinda new to grading Sony slog2 format haha, today is the deadline for the assignment so now I finally can catch some sleep, its still feel fun grading the format I’ve always wanted to grade since a long time ago but I have no budget for the camera even the body, now Sony World Photography Awards gave me an opportunity to own one, I will defintiely use it to the full potential.)

I hope you guys will like it. (although there’s some serious continuity problems and others (like the audio) haha due to the time constraint for the entire production and some important stuffs like the steadicam and boom mic are not here, we manage to borrow a H4N tho. But anyway I hope you guys enjoy and feel the film. Good night.