My photography journey

12 DEC 2014

My mom bought me my first slt camera three years ago, it was the cheapest entry level slt camera which I still uses until now and that time we chose to pay by installment for like 2-3 years just for it. Before that I was just fooling around with a small digital camera and once borrowed a dslr camera from my uncle to tryout for fun, my mom – she basically sees and believe in my passion for photography (because I didn’t paint that frequently anymoreoo haha?).

Due to lack of knowledge and money on getting the proper gears at that time, I ended up self learning and shooting with just one simple 18-55mm kit lens for two full years continuously (it’s really hardcore). After that I graduated from highschool and realising that I have to find myself a scholarship (Ended up getting The Star Education Fund scholarship ) in order to get into university for my desired course in multimedia creative field (now I am majoring in film & animation), and then there’s a photography subject for 3 semesters in the foundation year (it ended so fast!) and I’m glad that I met Chemat on the path I have chosen, from his class I was required to get a prime and telephoto lens to finish up the assignments given (street genre kinda) and that is actually the first time I came in touch with new lenses, learnt more technical and philosophy aspects of photography (plus the knowledge on getting the right gears for different type of photography too), like a more proper education rather than self learning myself, it is a plus and it did bring a lot of benefits to me.

Foundation year is over and I’m stepping into my majoring (First year). Now I’m on my own again on photography and looking back it’s a very long road, I will definitely continue to shoot and see where the wind will take me to …直到世界的尽头!

Comments (5)

  1. Arif

    can u tell..what the first camera u use?and right now what camera u have?and the last grrrr…hehe,what firts camera u think it good for beginners like me?thanks for read it..i love your work

    • yonglintan95

      Thanks for the comment, rare to see one around here.
      My first camera is a canon powershot a20 digital camera, then tried my uncle’s Nikon D500 for a while and eventually my mom got me a Sony SLT-a35. I am using Sony A7 mark II right now, which I got it from the 2015 Youth competition. =)