MPM3003 – PROJECT MANAGEMENT Documentation

Hello there!
This is Yong Lin (Tan Yong Lin – 1132701252) here, the Vice President of ThreeSmallGroup (TSG)!
In this post I will be documenting the journey of for this Subject MPM3003 – PROJECT MANAGEMENT.

Week 1 

This is the first week for this semester. We are invited to attend an inspiring entrepreneur talk. There is no class for this week however we all know that a group shall be formed pretty soon in the upcoming two weeks.

Week 2

We finally get to meet all of our lecturers today and basically get some idea of what this course is about and what we have to do in order to finish the entire syllabus and bring the final work to the table. In the mean time, we are looking for team members for our own group to carry out the main project of this subject.

Week 3

The theme for this project is “Giving Back to the Community”. We formed a group consisting of 10 members and we had a few discussion going on in the class, basically discussing about the activities which we want to carry out for the duration of entire semester. Then, we start to organize our group, position and work scope of each member. Jie Sheng is basically leading the entire project and I’m here to assist him as much as possible as a Vice President, arranging and managing the work of each members. We all agreed on a group name ‘ThreeSmallGroup’ and one of the member Ming Quan which is responsible for graphics & visual imageries designed the logo. There is a few version of the logo and we had a few rounds of voting before deciding on the final version.

Week 4

Today marks the first presentation to our lecturers whom are basically supervising our project. Lecturers kinda like our idea which is quite simple and straight to the point, not too complex for us to carry out as we still have to put our full focus on our Final Year Project in the same time. Our project ideas are basically making handmade Chinese New Year Cards and Portrait Shooting for the children there. By the end of this week, we have already visited some of the Children/Orphanage Homes (Charis, Angels Home, etcetera) and basically pitched what we would like to do, the activities and stuffs to the person in charge there.

Week 5

We are facing some difficulties as the homes we pitched too felt it was too inconvenient to let us to run this particular project. Fear not, we are still looking for other Homes around Selangor and expand our searching scopes. With the help from other groups, we manage to get more contacts and finally contacted Rumah Charis Mantin which is located in Negeri sembilan, approximate a 40 minutes journey from Cyberjaya. The person in charge is very friendly and welcome us to carry out this project with the children there.

Week 6

This week we had an online discussion via Google Hangout to discuss about the methodology of making Chinese new year card whether it is by hand or digitally. Finally we all agreed upon using Chinese Traditional way – the caligraphy ink. Second thing is a quite memorable Childhood memories we all had which is to use sliced fruits as stamp to create artworks! The main purpose of this activity is to interact with the children there while teaching them to appreciate the traditional way of making arts, and create happy memories for them just like what we go through when we are in primary school.

I am personally in charge of the Portrait Photography Session, and have already started researching on the suitable lighting method to be used to capture in the place itself.


Week 7

We are finally reaching the 50% milestone of the entire project. This week we have already starting to look around for art materials suitable to be used by the children. There are A4 card papers, glues, color pencils, poster colors and more! We even bought some Chinese New Year snacks and drinks for the kids there.

I did a few test shots in preparation for the Portrait Photography session and my light set up work out great. I also visited the place with Jie Sheng to basically have a look at the condition on location, to see where should I place the light or where the power source is.


Week 8

As we are getting busier and the schedule is getting more hectic with Final Year Project, we still dig out time this week to craft new year cards. Everyone is involved, gathered around and basically designing and making Chinese New Year Cards, we had to set a few examples for the children there to follow.


Week 9 – 14

We carried out the project a week before Chinese New Year and it went successfully! The kids there enjoyed the session throughly and had fun!

All photographs are available in our Facebook page and group.

The next few weeks will be compiling all the photographs of the event, and carrying out the booth making event for marking, reporting, final presentation and post mortem session.


Thanks for reading!

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